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Moving abroad with ASA Moving International Removals makes a difference through its expertise and its top-notch client services. Our expertise ensures your move is a success no matter where you move to, no matter where you come from in the world. ASA Moving assists you every single step of the way and guarantees a stress-free international move.

The safety of your goods is an absolute priority to ASA Moving, which is why we have developed innovative packing materials and methods unrivaled in the industry. Our boxes do not only protect your items, but they also respect Planet Earth.

At ASA Moving, we are driven by excellence and continued customer satisfaction. Our teams are well-trained to take care of your belongings from start to finish, making sure the whole process is smooth and enjoyable.

What is so unique about ASA Moving International Removals?

Since you deserve the best, ASA Moving international moving company offers you world-class standards at the best price. With the biggest network in the industry, we can serve you anywhere in the world with the same care no matter where you move. We follow the standards established by the most prestigious certification bodies in the moving industry.

Since you deserve the best, ASA Moving international moving company offers you world-class standards at the best price. With the biggest network in the industry, we can serve you anywhere in the world with the same care no matter where you move. We follow the standards established by the most prestigious certification bodies in the moving industry.


Good and solid packing material ensures your goods arrive in pristine condition.

Over the years, ASA Moving has developed some on-the-market backing materials to perfectly protect your personal effects. From dishes to LED TV or halogen lamps, we have tailor-made boxes to answer all your needs.

Do you have unique items or art pieces to move? Our teams love to be challenged. We can create custom boxes to ensure the safety of your precious objects.

With the best packing material and our well-trained teams, your goods are in good hands with ASA Moving.

ASA Moving International Removals is a well-established moving company with 9 years of experience. We are specialists in moving service in Zürich.


We have developed a range of convenient tools accessible online. On your online portal, you will find all key information related to your move abroad. Tracking, progress, documentation. All our tools provide answers to your questions.

The online tracking tool allows you to locate your belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in real-time.

Move with us door-to-door. We are specialized in worldwide moving.

Our customers range from private families, members of the Foreign Ministry, Military, Embassies, and intrepid professionals utilizing ASA’s quality and capacity.

ASA also serves many small to large corporate customers, from the most prolific shipping companies to energy, technology, manufacturing, and service companies. In several cases, ASA has become the sole provider, contracted to conduct service in upwards of 100 countries each year for a single client. With our customers, we have established an expectation for valued expertise and a superior, connected supply management system.

To keep surpassing those expectations, we have designated individual Move Management Desks for Europe, Russia, Overseas, and for our Storage facilities across Scandinavia. Our employees travel the world to meet our partners and suppliers at their locations. Meeting face to face ensures that we stay aware of how to best serve each particular area of our business.

ASA Moving International Removals - The moving company that performs all types of moves in Zürich.

Capacity Trust ASA with your move. We deliver.

With ASA, we offer more than just moving boxes from A to B. To remain responsive to the ever-changing demand of our customers, ASA has a very large capacity for high-end moving services.

We can handle the planning, execution, and administration of your move, including any need for storage; we select the best for you according to the moving size, contents, and destination. Often you will save further by combination moves, within Europe or overseas.

When you move, there is often a cost at origin and destination for temporary accommodation.

Plan with us, so that we can support you in potentially lowering those costs connected with a relocation to a new home.

Fine art moving International Removals

In case you are a proud owner of some fine art collection, you certainly want to be sure your valuables are safe during the move. The fact is that antiques and artwork are very fragile and they require special attention, care, and usually, some custom-made cases and packaging. Besides, art pieces are always expensive yet easily breakable, so you don’t want to risk the damage. Instead, leave it to ASA Moving Limited art relocation specialists. When we handle your move, we make sure the fine art moving process includes everything that we need to make your fine art relocation a success. Our services can also be customized to your specific art collection and personal requirements and expectations. Using special equipment and packing supplies, we will safely pack, load, and deliver your artwork to its new location.

ASA Moving International Removals - The moving company that performs all types of moves in Zürich.

Piano moving International

Moving a piano is something you should never try doing by yourself. A piano is a large, valuable, bulky, and fragile instrument, and its relocation requires special techniques and equipment. And one of the things that we know best, is how to move a piano, with care and ease. Don’t risk damaging your precious instrument, leave it to our specialty moving experts! Luckily for you, our movers are equipped and specially trained and know all the best practices for moving large instruments successfully.

Furthermore, Pianos are not only expensive and delicate, but they are also sentimental memories keepers. Hence, we take our job very seriously when moving one. We move all of them, from uprights, spinets, and grand uprights, to baby grands, and concert grands. With our help, you will enjoy playing your piano for many years to come.

Pool table moving

Our specialty moving team will assist you with every step of loading or transporting your pool table. A pool table can weigh up to 1000 pounds or more, so you must have the proper tools and training for relocating your pool table. Trying to move it on your own or without the right assistance and equipment could lead to serious injury, a ruined table, or both. When you hire professional Authority movers to do the job, you can rely on our years of expertise and knowledge. We are here to safely disassemble, load, move, and re-install your billiard table.

Packing Tips from the Experts International Removals

If you are considering packing some or all of your belongings on your own, you’ve come to the right place. United knows that preparation is the key to a smooth move experience, and that’s why we have compiled this collection of the most popular moving resources, guides, and tips to help make packing and moving hassle-free for you.

Not sure how to pack china and breakables? Curious what you should pack first? Don’t get overwhelmed by the details. We are here to answer all of your questions and provide you with helpful tips through every phase of your move.

Interested in packing services by United? Let our move coordinators help you choose from our flexible packing options designed to fit your timeline and budget.


I want to hire a Moving Company - what prices can I count on?
The cost of moving to Zürich with a good moving company Zürich is governed by various factors: for example, the distance between addresses and the volume of your household goods. In addition, the price is affected by possible additional services, such as moving cleaning. Fill in our quote request and we will return with a fixed price.

I need moving cleaning in Zürich - how do I go about it?
When you book your move with ASA Moving - International Removals , you can also book move cleaning. The cleaning is performed by one of our professional teams and you can expect a spotless result. With us, you get moving cleaning in Zürich with a cleaning guarantee.

How do I avoid rogue moving companies?
International Removals Although a low price is usually important, it is not always crucial. If you want to find moving help at a good price, you can trust us. Remember that if something is too good to be true, it can be so. Some do not include basic conditions such as insurance for their employees. If you find another company that you think has better prices, feel free to check out an extra look at their reviews and listings to know that they are serious! Some do not include basic conditions such as insurance for their employees. If you find another company that you think has better prices, feel free to check out an extra look at their reviews and listings to know that they are serious!

Are you moving the Piano?
Yep, our heavy department, which specializes in all slASA Moving heavy transports and moves can handle piano without problems. Our employees have several years of experience in moving and know how to do this without complications.

How to think about moving company Zürich?
Even though we run a Moving Company International Removals, we think you should think with your wallet. If you have a small household where you only live with two people, for example, it is excellent to get help from friends and family. However, think about insurance and be careful with heavy lifting. If, on the other hand, you are a family where time is short as it is, then you save both energy and money by hiring a moving company.

How to choose a moving company?
You have to be careful and spend time checking out references for International Removals. We have been in the industry for a long time and have worked with all types of moves, from smaller apartments to large houses. Avoid low hourly rates and cash payments! Check insurance, traffic permits, and that the company holds an f-tax note. We recommend for International Removals that you compare yourself with others if you feel uncertain about your choice. Of course, we are happy to answer questions as well!


How does a move go?
We usually recommend that a customer picks up moving boxes from us at least 2-3 weeks before it is damp Transporter. One moving box per square is a good yardstick. A standard move is 40-80 boxes, plus furniture and paintings. We will of course deliver the boxes to you if you so wish. Contact us for more information.

How far in advance do I need to book my move?
It is best if you can book the move at least two weeks before. Probably earlier than that if you plan to move at the end of the month.

How can I reduce stress before my move?
Moving is not something you do every day. That is why it often becomes so much more work than you originally thought. Plan well in advance and write down the activities that you need to do and write them down in a calendar. That way, for International Removals you can keep track of where you are in the process of moving company Zürich! Take the opportunity to book moving cleaning as well, it can be an extra stressful part of the move.

Are you a moving company Zürich that only offers moving company Zürich within Zürich?
No then, we drive your moving truck all over Europe. We are at your service, no matter where, when, or how you change home or office. However, we work primarily in Zürich with International Removals.

What are your top 10 best moving tips?

  • Be out in time
  • Sort and throw away
  • Have solid moving boxes
  • Pack everything that goes inboxes.
  • Do not pack unnecessarily heavy
  • Label your boxes
  • Empty cabinets, chests of drawers, and other storage furniture
  • Organize your move well in advance
  • Book a day off so you have time to get ready at the new address.
  • Take it easy, it will work out!


We invest in quality and flexibility so that you as a customer can feel safe and satisfied with our work. If you are looking for a moving company Zürich with moving company Zürich Gothenburg all over the country, then ASA Moving - International Removals Moving Company is the obvious choice. Contact us and we will solve your move in Zürich in the best way!

Choose a serious moving company Zürich in these times of crisis with Coronavirus!

In the relocation industry, as in other industries, rogue players have emerged time after time. For example, it can be about poor service, negligence about moving goods, delivery time, how to follow agreements entered into, and charge. At ASA Moving, our goal during the 10 years we have been active has always been to work seriously and responsibly. This is reflected in high reviews in our customer surveys and that customers often recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. Now in Corona times, it is extra important to work seriously to minimize the risk of infection. For example, we are very careful that our staff have no symptoms, keep their distance, and work safely.

Here is a simple checklist to identify if a moving company Zürich is showing signs of not being serious for International Removals.

1. A moving company we have been in contact with is much cheaper than everyone else, what should you think? If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. How do they handle their staff and do they work seriously? Do you handle insurance, tax and do you have a traffic permit?

2. My friend has a car and can make my move cheap, that's good, right?That friend probably has neither insurance for his staff nor the goods if something should happen. The alarm bells are ringing loudly!

3. Moving company Zürich just wants to get started and it is unclear what it will cost, everything will just work out. Is that so?Usually, everything is resolved, but having clear written agreements minimizes the risk of problems and conflict over what should be included.

4. Moving company Zürich is newly started, what to think? One should not judge a newly started business, all companies have had their beginning. But then ask some extra questions that show if it thinks responsibly and has a plan. Again, always check so they have F-tax and insurance.

5. The people who come do not give a sympathetic impression, can you trust the company? Moving is not a form of social interaction, but if you feel uncomfortable when you meet the people, ask an extra question and they immediately start to go into a defensive position or become assertive, it is probably better to choose another company.

ASA Moving - International Removals - moving company Zürich in that performs all types of moves in Zürich, warehousing and cleaning services in Zürich.

Carrying aid Zürich - We help you carry the sofa to the third floor

You may have just bought a new sofa and are now standing outside your apartment building wondering how to get support for it and get it five floors without a lift? We help with everything from carrying a sofa or bed to an extra handle when you need to lift something heavy. You say what type of support you need and our Runners show up - already the same day for support.

Why should you choose us for your carrying aid?

There are so many people today who rely on their friends because they need a little help with the task. If they are not trained or professionals in carrying and moving, mistakes can happen, whereby you never have the opportunity to receive any compensation for injuries because they are your friends. With our knowledge and experience, we always ensure the best service. At ASA Moving, our staff is trained and they know how to handle your things carefully.

ASA Moving is a well-established moving company with 9 years of experience. We are specialists in moving service in Zürich. We are specialists in moving service Zürich

Move between cities - Your moving company Zürich! One of Zürich's most well-known moving companies

We usually use fixed prices, which makes the whole move less stressful both for you as a customer and for us who move, then you already know before the move what you have to pay, but of course, we also offer hourly prices. ASA Moving performs most things in moving in Zürich from moving individual furniture to houses and offices.

moving company Zürich we offer:

Take care of Relocation Service / private relocation

Move piano, machines, and individual furniture

Take care of office relocation Zürich and company ASA Movingflytt

Move between Zürich

moving company Zürich with insurance

Give 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

After several years of experience of moving Zürich, we know this and we have many satisfied customers as references. For us as a Moving Company, it is important that your move is smooth and efficient, and that it is carried out at the right price. With good planning, good habits, and good resources, we perform complete moving service

We move the section Zürich regularly and can often take care of urgent assignments at short notice. The regularity makes it possible for us to keep cheap prices for both large and small assignments.

Low price and high quality

With us, you get a low price but high quality, regardless of whether it is an advanced office move in Zürich or if you need to move a garden machine from to Zürich.

Contact us today for professional and efficient Relocation Assistance and the rest of the country! International RemovalsHire us as your moving company Zürich and we give you a 100% satisfied customer guarantee on all our assignments both in Zürich.

Moving tips - a lot to keep in mind when you move in

There is a lot to keep in mind when moving and for many, the whole process can feel stressful and strenuous.

It is important to keep in mind that it is properly arranged in your old home that you are now leaving for new adventures in another place. That it is properly cleaned and that you canceled all different subscriptions that applied to that home.

WE recommend for International Removals several reasons that you hire a competent and experienced moving company Zürich. If you are out early with the contact with moving company Zürich, you can get a lot of tips on how to carry out the move in the best way. At a good moving company, Zürich, the employees are guaranteed to have been involved in most things and can help you avoid the worst pitfalls. Another good tip is to be out in good time with the booking of moving company Zürich. The housing market is hot and the companies have a lot of jobs at the moment, if you are out at least a month in advance, you can be sure that you get the help you need.

It is important to be careful with the gasket


But here we will primarily focus on the move itself and everything that you should think about before, during, and after it. We start with the gasket, a rather important detail. No matter how good the moving company Zürich you hire is, if you have packed incorrectly or carelessly, you risk having things broken in the move. Therefore, you must pack properly and with good materials. Here we have collected several tips on how to pack in the best way.

International Removals Make sure to procure moving boxes of good quality, there are some on the market that do not hold any further class. Everything will go much better if you have stable and practical moving boxes. Also, keep in mind that the weight of the cartons should not exceed 20-25 kilos

We advise against using banana boxes that you have received from your local grocery store. Having a lot of different kinds of cartons in different sizes can also lead to a lot of problems. The best cartoons are the type that has five layers of cardboard. The two-layer cartons that can be found in many hardware stores are not as reliable at all.

It is not how much the cartons can carry that is the yardstick for how much you should store in them. A better yardstick is that you can lift the box in a pre-packed condition. Even if a moving box can hold many kilos, it is not certain that your back and your arms will do it! If you cannot upset a pre-packed carton yourself, it is too heavy. Admittedly, you can do quite a lot with good carrying technology, but it is still smarter to pack a few extra boxes than to have fewer, but heavier.

Garbage bags good for moving International Removals

Garbage bags are also a good moving tip. They are good when you are packing something that needs extra protection, for example, pillows and bed mattresses. Then choose durable bags, then it will be easier for the moving company Zürich to handle the packing of the moving car while your things get good protection against both dirt, shocks and wear.

Another good tip before the move is to plan a few days where you and other residents go through what there is storage, closets, or maybe up in the attic. Do you need to take everything with you to your new home? Throw away or sell what you do not need. The block, flea market, or charity market all go equally well. The second-hand market is large and vibrant today, so with a little luck, you can even earn a small penny. In this way, you can also save on many moving boxes and perhaps avoid one or two backshots.

It is important to keep in mind that you are checking with other family members so that you do not throw something of great value to another person. What may look like rubbish or something very trivial in your eyes can have great effective value and be very important to someone else.

Fill the cartons properly, but also do not pack them too heavy, they become difficult and heavy to carry and risk breaking, which can damage your belongings. For example, if you are packing books, it is best to leave half the box for lighter items, such as clothes. Stack the boxes three and three and mark them on both sides. If you mark on top, the marking will not be visible when you stack the boxes.

Crystal, porcelain, and glass require extra careful packing. Porcelain is best stacked vertically with tissue paper in between. Glass is also best wrapped in tissue paper. Cover the bottom of the box and any empty spaces with, for example, crumpled newsprint.

Roll up the carpets properly International Removals

Carpets are rolled up and tied tightly. Roll as tightly as possible so the carpet takes up less space in the moving car and becomes easier to carry. All different cables for TV, DVD, digital box, stereo, and other technical equipment should be disconnected and rolled up. Then fasten with string or tape. Permanently connected electrical appliances should be disconnected by an electrician before moving, the same applies to plumbing connections. Washing machines must be properly secured for transport.

Loose shelf parts should be taken down and taped or tied together before moving. Skis, brooms, curtain rods, and other elongated objects are best bundled into an easy-to-carry package. Mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and large paintings that do not fit in the moving boxes can be left hanging and then packed separately in a large box or a large plastic bag with packaging chips (one can be bought at the office specialist store). Small paintings can be packed in ordinary moving boxes. Drawers and chests of drawers should of course also be emptied before packing and moving.

If you do not have access to this, you can, for example, wrap the crystal chandelier carefully in ordinary plastic bags. Do not forget to remove the light bulbs from all luminaires before packing.

If you let a moving company take care of the packing, the company will have full responsibility for everything unpacked. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for boxes that you have packed yourself - according to the special insurance rules that apply to the moving industry.

With Change of address International Removals, you change your postal address when you move. The Forwarding service ensures that all-important mail arrives at your new home, even if it says your old address on the letter. With us, you have the opportunity to notify your new address directly to companies, you choose which ones in our company ASA Moving list when you place your order.

Change of Address and Forwarding Remember that:

Get social security numbers for everyone in the family who is moving.

Provide complete address information for your new accommodation.

If you move to or from an apartment, you also need the 4-digit number

some on the market department some on the market do number. Ask the landlord if you are unsure

As a student, you can move to one as often as you need

fixed cost with our student offer.

Get a quote within 30 minutes

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